What Can I do?

Advertising revenues at Metro, Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday total more than £300m in the year, £28m of that is from the online Mail according to Nov. 2012′s MediaWeek. Thats a lot of money and a lot of different companies advertising with them.

Big companies like, M&S, Sainsbury’s, Boots, Peugot, Panasonic, Lakeland, CentreParcs, Toyota, Dell, by all means send in more for a list of shame.

I suspect if we all boycott each and every company that advertises with them ever we’d have nowhere left to shop and the pressure be spread so thin as to not be noticed.

But we can all tell the companies we use on that list that we are not happy with where they are spending their money. We don’t buy transphobia and neither should they.

Many of the companies sell things we only buy once every few years, or less. When you next buy a car you can tell Peugot why they won’t be on your shortlist… and thats part of a long slow process of change, about the sort of consumer choice we all operate nowadays, along with buying local and trying to avoid third world sweat shops… or however you make your political buying choices.

But most impact is with companies you may use every day, every week and especially those who are already known for caring what their customers think.

Marks and Spencers, Sainsbury’s Boots.

If in doubt ring up your usual supermarkets head office and ASK if they advertise in the Mail.

If they do….

Write to them. Ring them up again. Send them a Facebook message… engage somehow, somewhere with the companies you use regulary and ask them if they are REALLY happy with the sort of content their product advertising gets placed next to in the Mail.

Do they really want to be associated with transphobia… its like sexism and racism… its just not the sort of stuff as a company you want to be associated with. It’s nasty.

If the company YOU shop with don’t care where THEY shop… maybe you should tell them you’ll be shopping elsewhere from now on.

We Don’t Buy Transphobia.


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